About Us

Our story began back in 2018 when our son, Luca, was having feeding difficulties. He couldn’t eat anything beyond the very first stage of purées and even then he would gag and projectile vomit. On top of that, he had a tongue tie that his doctor wanted to have corrected. Before his procedure we worked with a pediatric OT for more than a year. ⁣⁣During his time with our amazing OT we learned the importance of messy, sensory play. We spent countless hours a week teaching him to see the fun in wet or slimy foods and then eventually learning how to self-feed. For you OT mamas, he wasn’t putting food/objects to mouth or speaking from birth-over 18 months. OT sessions consisted of playing with sliced banana, avocado, grapes and plastic toys. Within 3 months we watched his willingness to touch new foods and his speech take off. We saw the most growth come from the days of sensory play. Finally at more than 18 months old, he started eating and we felt like we could breathe. Since then, we've experimented playing with different themed toys in water beads, sand, slime and the bathtub. During the COVID quarantine of 2020 is when this idea truly came to life. If these toys could be used as tools to help our kids learn and play why not share the fun? So we started with a limited run of water bead activity kits.⁣⁣ Since LPC launched in June of 2020, we have numerous kits in the shop with holiday launches and loads of custom work (get in our inbox!).⁣⁣⁣ We are truly so grateful for this community built via Instagram and Etsy originally. We talk with a lot of you on the daily and have formed real friendships in these spaces. We LOVE hearing how sensory play has helped your family and seeing your littles have fun with our products. So Let’s Play! - Anne, owner.