Back to work, back to LPC..

Back to work, back to LPC..

Hopefully that Soul II Soul bop is just as stuck in your head as it is ours now.


But seriously, WELCOME BACK! Since LPC started in during the insanity of covid we didn't think it could be more difficult. Fall of 2021 proved us all so wrong on a personal level. After adding a dog, changing a job, and trying to keep up with the demands of motherhood it was time to take a break. I'm happy to report that while we still have hardly any childcare, it finally feels like we can breathe again. 


Going into year 3 of having this business we're going to work even harder to find and keep the fun. In addition to products, collaborations, and our awesome community on Instagram we're adding new products and this blog! There's also going to be a lot of content focused working from home with kids when you're the only one there to watch them. That was a huge reason why we stopped business in the spring. We ended up seeing a need for child entertainment and leaning on our own products again to get anything done. How's that for full circle?!


So hang on tight because we have all kinds of fun coming as we start the hustle of back to school routines, halloween, and the holidays. We've quite literally googled our way through the start of this work, held our breath each launch, and cried the happiest tears when we see kiddos enjoying our products. As always, thank you for being here with us! We're so happy to have you as part of our village.



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